Hanging Out With a First Time Parent: What Not to Say

Being a first time parent is the hardest parenting gig out there. You have only vague ideas of what you are supposed to do, and mostly have to trust your instincts which can occasionally be wrong. Learning from mistakes is key, and a lot of patience is needed. You will probably also develop new, super-human sleep cycles that you never thought you were capable of before. All of these things are part of the job description so to speak.

I recently read about 10 things to avoid saying to a first time parent on Hellobee. I never realized before that saying some of things they mention on this list might come off as annoying or rude. An example would be saying, “I’m so tired”, because let’s face it you probably aren’t more tired than they are. It’s just little things like this that you don’t think about during every day conversation.

What was the last thing you wanted to hear as a first time parent?