Helping the Less Fortunate is For Them Not You

I have written a few posts in the past about our duty as Christians to help the less fortunate. However, after reading this eye-opening post titled, “Helping the Poor,” I cannot help but write another entry on this subject.

Have you ever looked at the act of giving aid to the poor as something that actually causes a problem? After reading the post I mentioned above, I realized that it in fact does. According to the author, the act of giving financial help to the poor can create “a metric for dividing people.” Why? Because of our human tendency to think that, “Because I help more, I am better.” However, helping the less fortunate is for them not you.

To keep our little acts of charity from creating barriers and divisions we must offer more than just material things, we must also offer compassion. God does not want us to help the poor to make ourselves feel better. We are to give to the poor to remind them of God’s love and kindness. Helping the less fortunate is for them not you.