Helping Your Child to Stop the Negative Habit of Worrying Too Much

Worrying is something all parents do a lot of whether they want to or not. It can be worrying about their children, job, or anything really and worrying is a negative activity. While everybody does worry from time to time, it is best to try and minimize this activity. While parents are concerned enough with their own worrying, it should be kept in mind that kids worry too. It can be over their grades, sports, or a relationship. If your child seems detached or sad for a long period of time they might just have a lot on their plate at the time. It can be really helpful if a parent tries to talk to their child when it seems like they are worrying too much.

Dad Blunders recently blogged about his son who is still very young and his worrying habits. The post is titled, “How to Help a Child Cope with Worry”, and it has some good tips about how to help your child out if they are worrying too much. One thing that was pointed out in the article was how much a child can rely on routine. This is especially true with younger children, but true for young adults as well.


  1. As a former social worker and child abuse investigator I know that children have legitimate stresses and worries. Many parents (including myself at times) want to shelter their children from all the negative aspects of life. It is easy to forget that our children are still learning about the world and they have stress and worries (even though we are trying to shelter them).

    The past few weeks have been a challenge in my household because my son isn’t used to the rapid changes. Luckily, children are resilient and can adapt to change with guidance. The best thing I can do is be there for my son, reassure him and keep as much routine as possible.

    I blog about the various things in our life to share the humor and things I have learned as a social worker. I try to promote fatherhood to the best of my ability. I know that fatherhood should never be taken lightly. Thank you so much for enjoying my post and helping me to share fatherhood and the joy (sometimes sorrow) of parenting.


    • Aaron,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I truly think you have a wonderful grasp on fatherhood. You capture as you said the joy (sometimes sorrow) of being a parent very well and that is why I continue to read and share stories from your blog. Keep the great posts coming and keep being a great dad!