How Do I Raise Strong Children?

I want my boys to be strong. I want them to be able to feel all kinds of emotion and still thrive. I want them to take risks, to take on challenges, to look adversity in the eye, to scrape themselves off, to always find a way to keep going. I want them to know they are good enough. To know they are enough. They are imperfect, but they are enough.

I got these beautiful words from this blog post: “I Want My Boys To Be Strong.” They touched my heart so much and really resonated deeply within me. I have the same desires for my boys. I mean don’t we all have the same wishes for our children? More than physical strength, I want my children to possess great inner strength–an unshakable faith in God and a strong sense of self-respect and belief in their capacities. How do I raise strong children though? Is my desire to enough?

I want my children to grow up and become conquerors–of other people’s hearts, of their fears and dreams. I want them to grow up thinking that there is nothing the cannot do with God’s help and the right mindset and attitude. But how do I do this? How do I raise strong children?