How Do You De-Stress as a Parent?

It cannot be denied that stress is an unavoidable part of parenting. While stress is not harmful in small amounts, a constant barrage of stress can have a number of unpleasant and even dangerous effects to our bodies–and our parenting too! So it is important that we all have an arsenal of ways to de-stress that we can do anytime to keep stress related problems at bay.

Personally, I do these things whenever I feel like stress is starting to creep up on me:

1. I sit down and drink a cup of tea.

2. I ask my husband out on a date.

3. I take my kids to the playground and play with them.

How about you? What are your de-stress strategies? What do you do to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by your parental responsibilities?

If you want some ideas on what you can do to relieve stress, one mother graciously shares her 25 practical de-stressing tips in this post: “25 Self-Love Tips for Stressed Out Mothers.”