How Do You Deal With Your Kids Public Meltdowns?

As parents we all experience them, so how do you deal with your kids public meltdowns? Temper tantrums and emotional outbursts are nothing new to parents. While we are normally capable of dealing with these sort of things at home, it’s an entirely different story when we are in public. It’s just not the same when people are looking at you, waiting for how you will respond. Ever so often, the pressure that comes from knowing that others are watching your every move gets the best of us.

As one momma blogger says, “Because let’s face it, when in public, our embarrassment and fears can easily override our thinking brain…We threaten, intimidate, punish or withdraw our love or attention to feel in control.” But do these actions help? Well, they may stop your child’s torrent of screeches and tears, however I highly doubt that they’ll have a positive long-term impact on your child.

It is rather sad that many of us get so caught up with the stares or glares of people we don’t really know that we forget the welfare of the kids we so love dearly. If you need some help on how to deal with a distraught child in public places, here’s a good read: “4 Tips for Handling Your Child’s Public Meltdowns.” How do you deal with your kids public meltdowns? I would like to know?