How Do You Handle Unwanted Parenting Advice?

Reading a post titled, “Feelings of Inadequacy,” reminded me of how the words of random strangers about our parenting choices can affect us so much. With the writer of the post, the seemingly simple question “Aren’t you nursing?” left her feeling hurt and inadequate as a mother. These three words made her question her choices, her capacities and whether she was being a good mom to her kid. It made me think about how I’ve handled stuff like this in the past. How do you handle unwanted parenting advice?

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Personally, I have had a few experiences with hurtful words of judgmental strangers and condescending unsolicited parenting advice–especially when I first became a mom. While I have always tried to accept them with a positive spirit, most of them just make me feel hurt, frustrated and yes, INADEQUATE.

But over the years, I have learned to take snide comments and unsolicited remarks more gracefully and casually. Although I take the time to listen to whatever someone has to say and sometimes even consider their ideas, I am certain in my heart and mind that I am the only person who knows the best way to raise my children.

How about you? How do you handle unwanted parenting advice?