How Do You Respond to Little Difficulties?

Let me share with you a truly wonderful story I read today. I got it from The Blog of Edmund Mitchell and it is aptly titled: “This Story about Pope John Paul II is Changing My Life.” So here goes:

The story goes that Pope John Paul II was getting out of a car and his driver accidentally slammed the Pope’s fingers in the car door. Legend has it that the first whispered words out of Pope John Paul II’s mouth were: “Thank you, Lord, for loving me this way.”

If you had been in this situation, would you react like Pope John Paul II did? Would the same words come out of your mouth? I know I wouldn’t. So how do you respond to little difficulties? From now on I will work hard on cultivating a spirit like Pope John Paul II–a spirit of constant awareness of God’s love for me.

I know it wouldn’t be easy, but with God’s help, I can!