How Has Motherhood Changed Your Life?

Do you ever look at your life now and see how much having children has changed it–changed you? How has motherhood changed your life? One mother’s blog entry titled, “Mellowing Out,” made me recall the changes that have happened in my life over the years because of my decision to become a mother. Some of the changes did not come easily. Honestly, I struggled letting go and accepting a lot of things-like the fact that I can no longer hang out with my friends as much as I want to, go on last minute dinner dates with my husband, sit by the porch with no distractions, go to Church without worrying of a crying baby and much more.

Despite all the things I had to give up and changes I had to go through and accept, I would say that all in all motherhood changed me for the better. It had helped me morph into a wiser, stronger, and happier person that I could have never become if I had remained childless.

How about you? How has motherhood changed your life?