How Much Time Does God Require From Us?

A post I came across this morning had this title, “How much TIME does God need?” And this very question filled my mind all day. Indeed, how much time are we supposed to give to the Lord? How much time does God require from us? And as I searched the Scriptures and paused for meditation, I realized that God requires no less than 24 hours of everyday from me. Does this mean I am not entitled to eating, sleeping or going to work? Of course not!

God requires 24 hours from us everyday, but this does not mean he doesn’t want us to do anything all our lives. God simply wants us to make him the center of everything that we do–to always have him in our minds for every action that we make. We must remember that we are just mere stewards of our time, so we must not forget to faithfully served God with the time he has given to each of us.

I pray today that in the midst of our busy lives, we won’t neglect the God that has constantly provided us with everything that we need. How much time does God require from us? Just as much as we require from him. That is the beauty of our relationship with God.