How To Dine Out With Your Kids: My Personal Strategy

A lot of parents of young children avoid dining out at restaurants. It’s not hard to see why. Children (especially toddlers) are unpredictable, easily bored and have no control of their impulses. With these traits, it can be quite scary imagining the all the possible annoyances that our children may cause us and especially other diners. There’s no text book that explains how to dine out with your kids, but I bet many parents wish there was.

Taking all these things into consideration, I understand why some parents just totally give up on taking their kids out to dinner. However,  for me and my husband, we opt to take our toddlers out to eat whenever we can. While I wouldn’t say all the times we dined out were totally stress-free, I would say that it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I am not an expert on this, but I hope you wouldn’t mind me sharing the things that I do to keep our restaurant visits from turning into a total disaster. Maybe they can help you learn how to dine out with your kids too!

1. I asked friends and family for recommendations of restaurants where they feel comfortable taking their kids to.

2. I bring a variety of books and toys to keep my kids entertained.

3. I bring emergency snacks in case the service in the restaurant is slow.

4. I talk to my kids about the behavior I expect of them before leaving the house.

5. I stick with my child’s favorite foods (no trying of new foods in restaurants).

If you want more tips, here’s a post I would recommend: “How To Dine Out with Small Children (Without Losing Your Mind)

Do you take your kids out to dinner too? What are your strategies for a happy, stress-free dining experience?