How To (Somewhat) Prepare For Parenthood

A post I read this morning called “Early Lessons In Parenting” posed a question that really got me thinking. The question was: “How do you prepare for parenting before having kids?” Although I would say that it is impossible to be 100% prepared for parenthood, there are some things we can do so that the transition from being a two-person family to a family with kids can be smoother.

Some of the things that my husband and I did to better prepare ourselves for the big change that is parenthood are the following:

1. We tried to calculate our expenses during the first months of parenthood and started saving up as much as we can.

2. We talked about how we would care for our child–are we going to get childcare or not?

3. We made arrangements on how we will go about our daily lives–sleeping schedules, household chores, work, etc.

4. We discussed our parenting preferences–parenting style, methods of discipline, etc.

5. We prayed A LOT!

How about you? What did you do to prepare for the coming of your kids?