How Would You Run Your Own Catholic School?

I went to a Catholic school growing up, and I believe that the education I received shaped the rest of my life. It was a much different experience than those who went to public school received, and I really think that above everything else my discipline is much better than those who attended public school. That discipline has taken me far in life, and I think that a structured, Catholic education is to thank for that.

I read a post on Ignitum Today titled, “If I Were a Principal at a Catholic School I Would…”. The article gave a top ten list of the things the author would do for his Catholic school. I thought some of his ideas were pretty good like still teaching at least one class per day even though he would be the principal. Also making sure that the faculty was Catholic was a priority for him. That sounds basic, but isn’t always the case anymore at Catholic schools. The rest of his ideas were pretty good too. What would you do as the principal of a Catholic school?