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We recently were able to interview Bear Woznick the author of Deep in the Wave: A Surfing Guide to the Soul. Bear Woznick is quite an interesting individual and we were honored to be able to feature this interview on My Catholic Blog for all of you to check out. Bear holds multiple Master World Tandem surfing titles, co-founded the World Tandem Competition Tour, is a private pilot, plays the ukulele, has a black belt, rides a Harley, and is a novitiate oblate of the Benedictine Monastery of Oahu. SurfingAfter checking out this awesome interview about Bear’s book, his inspirations, and his life make sure to connect with him on the  various different social platforms he is on. You can connect with Bear in the following places.

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Your book Deep in the Wave: A Surfing Guide to the Soul came out in July of 2012, what did it mean for you to be able to share your life’s experiences with a larger audience?

The response from the readers is what astounded me. I was very vulnerable and transparent in what I wrote so as readers responded to me they felt comfortable sharing with me things in their lives few people knew. It allowed me to see the depth of spirituality and longing in people that might otherwise never have opened up to me or anyone.

What made you want to share your experiences in the form of a book?

I had been challenged by friends that I needed to write this book. They had seen the impact I have had on people one on one, helping them to see their dreams and their gifts and bringing those together to pursue the mission and abundant
lift that God has for them, first by going deep with God and then through servant leadership and touching others life. I felt like I was able to take my readers one by one with my out on an adventure and then set them out on the edge of the
exposed reef of their heart and let them plumb the depths of themselves and then hear God’s voice whispering to them, encouraging them, drawing them and nudging them into a deeper walk.

What do you think people can take away from reading about your life and experiences?

Everyone who reads this book can find themselves in the stories and can in some ways locate themselves on their particular “Ascent of Mt Carmel”. They find encouragement in those days of great surf, big wipeouts, long hold downs and
worst of all when there is no surf at all, that God is there with them as their faithful surf guide, patiently bringing them Deeper in the Wave and deeper into union with him.

Personally, my favorite chapter of the book was “Wave of Healing”. Your encounter with the whale and the whole experience at Rincon was riveting. How did that humbling day in heavy surf change your perspective on life?

The humbling, the greatest gift of God, to bring us to an end of ourselves so that we can find ourselves, to bring us to that deepest place where “deep calls to deep as the waters roar” that place where we learn “when I am weak then I am strong”
That merciful place where all we can do is bend a knee before God, that place of humbling is where we most clearly see God and perhaps where see his gaze rest upon us. That place where no word other than “You” can come from our lips as we see him who sees us, only God can bring us to that place and perhaps through cooperation with his grace we can stay there Deep in the Wave.

The way in which you weave stories of surfing and its trials into personal stories about your life and family is flawless. Are these two things as seamlessly joined as they seem when it comes to your life?

Perhaps Teresa of Leseux learned much as she gazed upon a little flower. I learn everyday as a waterman an insight from God. That is my garden where “God walks with me” in the cool of the day. I sense his pleasure, his closeness and a great sense of adventure permeates my soul for his will is always the most radical adventure possible.

So on top of holding multiple Masters World Tandem surfing titles, being a private pilot, having a black belt, and playing the ukulele. You are also a novitiate oblate of the Benedictine Monastery of Oahu. How do you find time to have so many  passions in life?

I am very careful with the word “Passion” St Augustine taught us that the Latin root for that is the same as “pathology.” People sometimes say to me “you are quite driven.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Driven people
are empty people in a mad rush to fill emptiness with more emptiness. But true passion born out of the marrying of the desires God has places in our hearts with the gifts he has given us is a recipe for a full rich abundant life. I would say I am drawn or led but certainly ndeep in the waveot driven.

I have learned that the time taken going to mass or in prayer is always returned tome, never a waste time. The same is true as I pursue the enjoyment of physical adventure. It also brings me life. These both invigorate and empower our souls. So for those who are production oriented who say “how can you find the time for this or that,” I just think “God has made you a human being not a human doing.” I learned in my ninja training that life is about balance. Being out of balance in a fight or in life is precarious.

You update your blog on a weekly basis, are active on Facebook and Twitter (@BearsWave), and have a weekly podcast. If any of our readers are looking for other ways to interact with you what would you suggest?

To “like” our Facebook Fan page it is called BearsWave.Com

Great things are happening in our Multi-media outreach. We are excited to be a part of Tampa Bay’s Catholic Christian Rock radio station SpiritFM905. People can download their smartphone app or listen on line to our “Deep in the Wave” four minute segment on Fridays at 5:35 East Coast Time. They can also listen in on BlogTalkRadio.Com/BearsWave too. We have all of our archived segments there. In April or May we will begin our new hour long BearsWave AdventureCast there as well. We are already in production for that. They will be able to chat with us live or even call in. I will talk story with adventurous people about their greatest experience and biggest wipeouts and then go deeper and discuss those same areas in their deeper personal life and will draw spiritual and life lessons from those. I am also on several episodes of TV’s Clean Break NBC’s Esquire TV channel (formerly G4). It is a reality adventure show where I serve as the mentor or a Big Kahuna to young men on adventure to find their hearts..

As far as the future, I really sense a call from the Lord “I will make you a fisher of MEN.” Through my DeepAdventure Ministries, God is calling me to target men. The cool thing is that actually women really identify with the message and are
often the first to discover it but then they bring the men in their lives to the message. Men respond more to the wild adventurous voice “Crying out in the Wilderness”. I feel God is calling us men to be courageous not macho, to bravely lay down our lives in servant leadership. Men are sitting on the sidelines too much. Women are so willing and able and make it so easy for us to abdicate our part in that responsibility. “Convert the men to convert the family, convert the family to convert the church, convert the church to convert the world.”

I want to offer DeepAdventure weeks out here in Hawaii too where we bring about ten men and their sons, if they have any who are old enough, out here to Hawaii for a week long Adventure where they have a chance to step out of their comfort zone in many ways and in the process go deeper with God and with each other. I could see filming this for an Spiritual/Adventure reality show on EWTN.

We will continue to produce more books and video of course.

Mahalo for the chance to share this with your readers.


Make sure to check out the following Youtube video featuring Bear Woznick doing some tandem surfing and is also a trailer for his book Deep in the Wave. Really cool stuff!