Interview with Paul Ray

Meet Paul Ray —
the author and editor armed with unfailing faith and an incredible story to share

You claim you were “instantaneously healed” of alcohol addiction in 2002.  Would you be willing to describe for us in a little more detail of what exactly transpired?

What I say is true! In a nutshell, for this will be included in greater detail in my book, by the time I was 24 years old I was consuming roughly one liter of whiskey per day. As a result, my body began to slowly shut itself down. I ended up losing everything. Upon visiting a doctor because of all of the physical pain I was enduring he refused me treatment until I sought help for my addiction. He explained that if I continued at the rate I was going I would live no longer then six months to a year. However, by this time I was too far addicted and the mere withdrawals alone would’ve killed me and detox and rehab would take literally years. I basically awaited death. Not too long after this I was invited by my cousin to a Protestant Pentecostal church service. I was not seeking God particularly but went merely out of respect. At that church service, June 9, 2002, by an act of divine mercy and grace, the Lord Jesus Christ instantaneously healed my physical body from the damage the alcohol had caused and took away my desire to drink–completely and definitely, before the witness of the entire congregation of all present. I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol since that day nor have I even desired any! No withdrawals, no rehab whatsoever. Just the great physician Jesus Christ!

Besides no longer being addicted to alcohol, what other facets of your life have changed since that day in 2002?  Have any of your other beliefs or perspectives been altered?

My entire life changed completely that day! I was infused with a love so strong that I never knew existed or was even possible. My life was given perfect meaning. I saw authentic hope for the first time since I was a child. The Blessed Trinity revealed Himself to me in such a way that I knew He was real and alive! I knew that He loved me and He valued me for who I was. He didn’t come to me as judge, jury and executioner as I expected but, rather, as a loving Father yearning to embrace His son! It caused me to realize how precious life is and that the dignity of every human being is valued tremendously in God’s sight.

Tell us a little about your upcoming book, A New Voice for a Broken Soul: What was the inspiration behind it, and what was the process of writing it like?

A New Voice for a Broken Soul is a two part story. The first part is how our Lord delivered me from alcohol addiction. It will describe my background since childhood to my love for alcohol and eventual addiction to and deliverance from its bondage. Part two will describe how after this event our Lord led me from such a strong charismatic Protestant community to the doorsteps of Rome and the Catholic Church! A long and hard journey which lead me to the fullness of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Congratulations on your (relatively) new blog!  What made you decide to start one, and what kind of information/stories should we expect to see on there?

Thank you! A good and dear friend of mine had encouraged me to write about what our Lord has taught me. I am able to express myself better through written word then in person so I thought it was the least I could do, for now, to advance the kingdom of God. It has turned into a blessing in disguise and I didn’t realize how “hungry” people are for the truth! The main focus I want to take with my blog is a practical way we can all live our faith day in and day out–how we can place God first in all that we do and arm ourselves with the proper weapons we need to fulfill our call to lead holy lives. Spiritual combat will be a running theme throughout.

We understand you enjoy Christian Heavy Metal.  Any bands in particular that you enjoy?

I was surprised to see this question! I love it! Contrary to popular belief there are many sincere and authentic Christian heavy metal artists. They reach a crowd that would probably otherwise never hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The music itself speaks mainly about not allowing ourselves to get tied into the ways of the world and to always remain focused on the kingdom of God. The way in which heavy metal sounds fits perfectly as presenting, at least to me, the power of almighty God in the world and over evil! It has been a source of encouragement for me in many difficult situations. I like to compare music to the saints. All saints (music) are very inspiring in their own particular way but we all have a patron, one in which we can especially relate to the most. Mine just happens to be heavy metal and St. Polycarp! Some authentic Christian heavy metal bands well worth looking into are Demon Hunter, Becoming the Archetype, August Burns Red and Sleeping Giant. That’s just to name a few!

And finally, what is next for Paul Ray?

The will of God! Since I love to write I plan on writing a lot more after A New Voice for a Broken Soul is finished. My heart’s desire is to lead people to that same love in which I felt, and continue to feel, when I came to know my Creator. Whatever way He has in mind has yet to be seen but I’m expecting mountains to be moved!


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