Parenting Question: Is Your Child Ready For School?

The first ever school day is always an exciting time not only for the kids, but also for parents. However, aside from the feelings of excitement it cannot be denied that parents also have to deal with some anxiety during this day. While there may be a lot of reasons for a parent to feel edgy, I believe that one of the main reasons for anxiety is the thought that their kid may not be completely ready for school.

My eldest child will be at the best age to enter kindergarten in a little less than year, so I have done some reading on this matter. These are some of the things that I believe I should be looking into to see whether my child is ready for school or not:

  • Is my child able to socialize well with his peers?
  • Is my child able to sit still and complete certain activities?
  • Is my child able to adhere to rules and boundaries?

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