Keeping God in Your Teen’s Life

Helping your kids stay faithful throughout their teenage years is really tough. With different influences growing in their lives, they may begin to question the beliefs that you raised them on. It is important to talk with your kids about things like this, and gauge their feelings.

I read a post titled, “Raising Kids in Favor with God and Man” recently and the main point of the post resonated with me. The mom who posted this article prays each night for her children in hopes that they can accomplish just what the title of her post says. If you are a parent who hopes the same about your children then you should check out her post if you have a second. It is definitely worth your time.


  1. Janet,

    Thank you so much for mentioning the post. As moms, it’s encouraging we can have network of support in bringing up our children in sincere ways that please God. Thank you!

  2. I try to pray for my girls every night…as long as I don’t fall asleep before I finish.

    • Krystyn,

      I know how you feel! After a long day sometimes it can’t be helped. Falling asleep happens, but it’s the good intentions that count! Thanks for your comment.