Lawyer Not Content with Life Chooses Priesthood Instead

“Not that long ago Father Carlos Vargas was on track to becoming a successful lawyer. While working on a case of a man charged with murder, however, the young, faith-filled man realized he could help people in another, more spiritual way.

Born in Florencia, Colombia, in 1977, Father Vargas grew up in a very religious family. His parents, Jaime Vargas and Mariana Silva, were devout Catholics and so for him and his three siblings, looking at the world through a spiritual lens was nothing new.

After receiving his law degree from St. Thomas Aquinas University in Bogota, Colombia, in 2000, it was no surprise that he still wanted to help people find God. Working with a murder defendant opened his eyes to his own passion for his faith.

“I realized that my conversation with him was about more than legal stuff,” Father Vargas said about the case that led to his initial discernment. “And I started to discover that I could help him more with God.”

This desire led him to more carefully consider where God was calling him. While working as a lawyer, he stayed active at his church, volunteering for various ministries before realizing he needed to take the next step.

“Finally I made the decision to enjoy the seminary,” he said.

Now 33 years old, Father Vargas also received a lot of preparation through parish work as he studied for the priesthood. As a seminarian, he was assigned to St. Jude Church, Atlanta, and had the opportunity to see the multiculturalism of the archdiocese first hand as he worked with the Portuguese-, Spanish- and English-speaking communities at the parish.” – “Lawyer Realized He Could Help People in a Spiritual Role”, Catholic News Agency

I found this story from Catholic News Agency to be a very touching one of somebody realizing their true meaning in life. Father Vargas gave up on a profession that could have made him extremely wealthy, and traded it in for one that is in his opinion much more worth it. I liked this story because he chose the path less taken by far, in giving up on law and choosing priesthood instead. He seems to be loving his decision and helping many people though, so it turns out that he made a less popular decision but a better one for himself and for others.