Lessons From St. Mary Magdalene

We celebrated the day of St. Mary Magdalene recently, and I would like to take the time today to remember some of the lessons that we can learn from her life.

Here are just a few lessons from St. Mary Magdalene:

1. Jesus can set us free from our past. The Scriptures tell us Mary Magdalene was possessed by seven demons (Luke 8:2); but Jesus set her free from her demons and acknowledged her as one of her important followers.

2. Jesus can forgive the sins that men find unforgivable. St. Mary Magdalene was mocked, looked down upon and condemned by many people. She continued to believe in Jesus’ promises–That no matter what sins we have in our lives, God is ready to forgive us. Her life teaches us that there is no one who is beyond the pale of his redemption.

3. Despite of all the sins we have committed in the past, when we surrender our lives to God, He will use it mightily for his purpose. Mary Magdalene, a woman with a dark and sinful past was the the first witness to Jesus Christ risen from the dead. From a sinner, God turned Mary Magdalene into a great witness of his love.

Ultimately, St. Mary Magdalene’s life teaches us that there is no one whom God cannot redeem and use for his purposes. What other lessons from St. Mary Magdalene have you learned?

If you want to know more about St. Mary Magdalene, here’s an interesting read: “Visit Mary Magdalene’s Hometown.”