Let the Mother Without Fault Cast the First Stone

I never understand why some mothers find it necessary or even fun to judge other mothers. I mean, all of us must know how difficult, scary, and isolating it is to be a Mom. So how can some mothers have the heart to cut another struggling mom down and make her feel like she is doing a terrible job.

I my kid so much, and I work very hard to make sure that they feel safe, loved, cared for all the time. So, I would really feel hurt if someone came up to me and told me that how I raise my children is wrong. My parenting practices are important to me. I have thought and prayed about them and I believe that they are certainly what is right for my kids.

However, although I have my own “right way” of parenting, I do not look at the ways of other mothers as wrong. As I have my own reasons for choosing my methods and practices, I am sure they have their own great reasons too. I believe that no loving mother would be purposefully making wrong decisions for their kids. I have the right to think that how I choose to raise my kids is the best way for me, but that certainly does not give me the right to think of others’ choices as inferior.

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