Let Your Love for God Guide Your Work for Him

Have you ever compared what you do for God with what other people do for him? Have you ever felt as if the work you are doing for God is so small compared to the work others are doing? Well, I have in many instances. I constantly hear and read stories of missionaries and evangelists risking their lives just to share the love of God with people living in remote areas of the earth. Hear this I can’t help but feel ashamed of myself. Yes, I am doing something to share God’s love and his gift of salvation, but my actions just seem to be so trivial and insignificant compared to the deeds of others.

But this morning I realized something very important through a post entitled, “What Would You Look Like?” Reading the wonderful article gave me the assurance that God appreciates the things I do for him–no matter how small they may seem for me. We are each given our very own roles in his kingdom. We may not be priests, nuns, missionaries, preachers, teachers, caregivers, etc. but this does not mean our service is less important to God. So long as our service to God is born out of loving him “with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength,” our service is perfect in his eyes.