Listening to Hear God’s Voice

I have been blessed by this very inspiring devotional today: How Do I Know I Am Called? A Prayer for You.

As Christians, it is our life’s aim to seek the will of our heavenly Father. However, knowing exactly what God wants us to do is not as easy as it sounds. In my younger years, I always wondered why God made it so easy for people to speak to Him, but so hard for them to hear His voice. However, as the years passed by, my relationship with Him deepened then, I began to see just how profound and clearly He speaks to me.

The Lord is constantly speaking to us–giving us directions and answering our questions. Often, we think that He is not hearing us as He is not answering any of our supplications. It is not the Lord who is not speaking, but we who are not hearing. If you want to hear God’s voice, you may need to practice the H.E.A.R.T. exercise (taken from the devotional passage mentioned above).

H – Humble our hearts.
E – Examine our life experiences and current circumstances.
A – Apply our gifts and talents.
R – Read, study and pray the Word of God.
T – Trust in God’s timing and His answer.