Mary DeTurris Poust

Mary DeTurris Poust

Mary DeTurris Poust


  1. Randy Stull says:

    I have just started studying the Catholic faith and we are using your book “The Catholic Catechism”. I would like to offer some feedback.

    On page 36 you state “the creed is divided into three parts”. Per page 26, you state the creeds are divided into two main parts. Part one is divided into three parts. In looking at the Apostles Creed, i could not find a section I would call God’s Work.

    Her is what I see.
    Two main parts
    1.God – part one
    a.Father – Lines 1 – 3
    b.Son – Lines 4 – 17
    c.Holy Spirit – Line 18
    2.Part two – Other beliefs( not God’s Work) – Lines 19 – 23
    a.Holy Catholic Church (Nicene – adds apostolic Church)
    b.The communion of saints
    c.The forgiveness of sins
    d.The resurrection of the body
    e.Life everlasting

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