How to Create Lasting Memories for Your Children

I read a blog entry this morning titled “Happiness Is… Creating Memories That Last,” that made me want to share my obsession with creating memories for my children. I believe this obsession of mine sprung up because I have always wished that I remembered more about my years spent growing up. After a little bit of brain storming I came up with how to create lasting memories for you children.

Memories are wonderful. They give us a reason to smile and can even give us strength in difficult times. And with my kids, I want them to have as much source of happiness and strength as they can have. So I make an effort to help them keep pieces of their childhood intact and forever engraved in their minds. Ever wondered how to create lasting memories for your children? Let me share with you what we do as a family:

1. We take lots of pictures.
2. We capture and compile videos.
3. We stick to family traditions.
4. We keep a memory box of all the things that we find special–artwork, toys, gifts and etc.
5. We tell stories.

How about you? What do you do to create and keep memories for your kids?