Mother Acquitted of Charges in Pakistan

“A judge has cleared a young mother of blasphemy charges in a major victory for persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

Mother of three Rubina Bibi, 25, was accused of defaming the Prophet Muhammad by a Muslim shopkeeper in Alipur Chattah, Gujranwala district, in March. She was arrested days later and imprisoned along with her youngest son.

She faced the death penalty if found guilty but session judge Mohammad Asghar Khan cleared her of wrongdoing during a lengthy hearing on Wednesday, where she was represented by Christian lawyers Joseph Francis and Tahir Bashir Gull.

The case was brought before the session judge after the lower district judge came under pressure from extremist groups and security at the hearing was tight following the recent murder of two Christian brothers outside a Faisalabad courthouse. Pastors Emmanuel and Sajid Masih, both accused of committing blasphemy, had just left a hearing when they were shot dead by masked gunmen, despite being under police escort.

Rubina was released from prison with her son on Thursday. She is the third person in Alipur Chattah to be accused of blasphemy. In 1999, Hussain Masih and his son Isaac were arrested for blasphemy. The Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement represented them during their trial and the charges were eventually overturned by a judge.” – “Judge Acquits Young Mother Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan”, Christian Today

This post is from Christian Today, and it made me very glad to hear this news. Christians have been suffering in Pakistan for quite some time now. The level of religious tolerance there is extraordinarily low and Christians have been taking a lot of heat in recent months. Murders have taken place recently and this story almost veered down the same unjust path. I was glad to read about this mother being acquitted of the ridiculous charges she was being pressed with.