How Do You Avoid Nagging as a Parent?

I read this line from a blog post this morning: “Our kids need more than nagging parents, they need role models and every now and again they need a rescue.” The blog post titled, “Practical Parenting Not Just Nagging,” was especially meant for parents with teenage kids, but as a parent of younger children, I found it very insightful as well.

Most children complain of their parents nagging. While I understand the stress that parents have to go through on a daily basis that pushes them to nag, I would not say that children have no right to complain. Nagging is draining–not only on the part of the person who is doing the talking but also on the other person(s) involved. So how do you avoid nagging as a parent? Easier said than done, right?

I won’t say that I have not nagged my entire life, because honestly, I have many times. However, I have realized through my parenting years that nagging is pointless because it rarely helps me get what I want from my kids. So, I have been working (really hard) on keeping myself from nagging. Some of the things that I have been doing are these:

1. I make sure that I have my child’s full attention before giving him directions.

2. I ask my child to repeat what I said.

3. I clearly tell them the consequences for noncompliance or defiance.

4. I show appreciation when they follow through.

How do YOU avoid nagging as a parent? Let me know your tips because we could all use a little help sometimes, right?