New Children’s Book About Jesus and His Apostles

“A new children’s book has been published under Pope Benedict XVI’s name. It presents a collection of the Holy Father’s descriptions of Jesus’ relationship with his “first companions,” taken from his catecheses at general audiences over the past five years.

The illustrated book titled “Gli Amici di Gesu” (The Friends of Jesus) was released in spring of 2010 by the Milanese publishing house Piccola Casa Editrice in Italian. Painted depictions from the hand of Franco Vignazia accompany the stories of Jesus and 14 of his “friends.”

The characters in the book include each of the original 12 apostles, including Judas Iscariot; Matthias, who replaced Judas after the betrayal, and St. Paul.

The 48-page volume produced for the youngest of readers is a “route that takes the reader to the origins of the Church, through the events of the first people who found Jesus and became his friends,” according to the publishing house.

Fr. Julian Carron, president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, says in the preface of book that, through the stories, “The Pope takes us by the hand and accompanies us to discover who were the first companions of Christ, how they found him and how they were conquered by him until they decided that they would never abandon him again.”” – “Children’s Book Offers Pope’s Teachings on Jesus and ‘First Companions'” – Catholic News Agency

This story over on Catholic News Agency was really a great one to see. Something like this was a stroke of brilliance by the Pope because there is a definite need to educate children earlier on about Jesus. I know that when I was growing up I did not have a children oriented book full of Catholic teachings. I wish that I did though because it probably would have gripped the five second attention span I had as a five year old a little better than the Bible. Nothing against the Bible, but its just not for children and this new book seems like an awesome idea!