Niagara River Will Honor Mother Teresa

This post on EWTN made me very happy to see somebody will be honoring Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday. After the whole Empire State Building ordeal where the owners refused to light the tower in honor of Mother Teresa, it is nice to see somebody who has any sort of respect for great people. Of course, the 60th Anniversary of Communist China was enough for the Empire State Building to be lit red, but not blue for Mother Teresa. Go figure that one out, right? Niagara River will look beautiful lit in blue and white, and I certainly hope to see pictures of this event.

“In honor of the 100th birthday of Bl. Mother Teresa, on Aug. 26 the Peace Bridge spanning the Niagara River will be illuminated with blue and white, the colors of the Missionaries of Charity. The lighting of the bridge, which connects Buffalo and Fort Erie, will be a “beautiful tribute” to the missionary, a local bishop said.

Bishop of Buffalo Edward U. Kmiec and Msgr. Wayne Kirkpatrick, administrator of the Canadian Diocese of St. Catharines, jointly requested the action from the Peace Bridge Authority.

“Blessed Mother Teresa was truly a child of the light whose life was a shining example of Christ our Light reaching out to people everywhere promoting love and peace in our world,” commented Msgr. Kirkpatrick. “The lighting of this bridge which spans two dioceses and two countries, symbolizes her light reaching out across the great chasm to all people.”

Bishop Kmiec said the action is a “beautiful tribute” to Mother Teresa.

“Her missionary spirit lives on through the countless lives she touched, and I am grateful that this unique structure will pay tribute to her on this special occasion,” the bishop commented. “This is symbolic in that Blessed Mother Teresa’s light continues to shine around the world.”

Mother Teresa’s service to the poor in India won worldwide admiration. The sisters of her order, the Missionaries of Charity, serve in Canada, the U.S. and around the world in homes for the dying, in orphanages and in hospitals.

At present the Vatican is considering Mother Teresa’s cause for sainthood.” – “Peace Bridge on Niagra River to Honor Mother Teresa’s Birthday in Lights”, EWTN


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