On Days When You Don’t Like Being A Mom

I read this post today of one mother’s struggle to put her kids first before herself, the post was titled: “Loving Our Kids When We Don’t Love Being a Mom.” The short article made me recall the fact that it isn’t always sunny and cheery in “mommyville.” So what’s a mom to do on days when you don’t like being a mom?

No matter how dedicated and passionate we are as mothers or how much we love our kids, there will be days when we won’t like being a mom. Days when we want to give ourselves a break from all the work that we have to do to care for the family–days when we want to be our former “childless” selves. And while that may sound selfish to some, I, in all honesty believe that this is a fact.

So what can we do for days when we don’t like being a mom? Well, I haven’t exactly have this figured out, but I believe that it would help if we acknowledge our limitations and reach out to others for help. Like for instance, if you feel like you really need a break, instead of just swallowing it all up, talk to your husband or other family members so they can help you get the “me-time” that you deserve. On days when you don’t like being a mom it might be best to step away for a few hours if it’s possible. If immediate relief isn’t an option than perhaps you can set up a personal day for the near future. This way you have a break to look forward to.

Furthermore, I think it might also help if we don’t wait until we’re maxed out before we take a break. I believe it’s best for us moms to have regular time-outs rather than wait for the blues to take over before actually finding time for ourselves. What do you think? Can you suggest other ways we can deal with days when we’re feeling a little less motherly?