Opening This Week: ‘The Rite’

“The Rite,” the new movie starring Anthony Hopkins, is set to open this Friday.  According to Catholic News Agency:

“The Rite” follows skeptical seminary student Michael Kovak (O’Donoghue), who is sent to study exorcism at the Vatican in spite of his own doubts. Anthony Hopkins plays a character by the name of Fr. Lucas – an Italian priest and veteran exorcist – who befriends Michael and helps open his eyes to reality of demon possession and the need for rite in the modern world.

The film is inspired by the 2009 book The Rite: The making of a modern exorcist in which journalist Matt Baglio chronicles a priest’s apprenticeship with a local exorcist.

Though the movie is of course suspenseful at some points and even ‘thrilling,’  ultimately it is a story of faith, and the immense powers it can hold.