Parenting Advice: Grow Up With Your Kids

I read a very beautiful post this morning that I cannot help but share with you: “How to Parent: 23 Years of Parenting Experience Summed Up in 2 Words.” The post gave a very simple yet profound reminder for all parents, that is to “grow up.” Yes, we should not only be concerned with helping our children grow up to be responsible, kindhearted adults but we should also constantly check to see if we are growing up as parents. It is vital to grow up with your kids.

Just as our children learn and grow wiser with their every experience and every person they meet, we should too. We must take everything that happens in our lives and in the lives of our children as an avenue of learning and self-improvement. I am quite certain that the best parents are those individuals that are open to change. So grow up with your kids, and learn from what has happened to you.

Take today to think about the ways you can grow up as a parent.