Parenting By Intuition: Listening To Your Soul

After reading a handful of blogs offering news and advice on parenting, reading “Parents: Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Soul” was a breath of fresh air. I especially loved this line from the post: “In order to parent from a place of truth, we need to do what feels right for us and listen to our intuition, rather than listening to everyone else’s opinions on what we should or shouldn’t do.

A lot of modern-day parents have this habit of doing everything by the book–basing almost all of their parenting decisions and actions on scientific information about child development. While I admit that I myself turn to Google, parenting books, and other resources for some of my parenting qualms, I often end up getting confused over the opposing advice of “parenting experts” or getting nothing but information that affirms my initial thoughts. I believe that parenting by intuition and listening to your soul is the true way to answer your questions.

Over the years, I have come to realize that although we can get valuable help from other people on how to raise our children, we should not give away all our powers to them. All of us are equipped with the innate capacity to nurture and raise a child. We are not only blessed with conscious, rational minds but also a powerful intuition. So try taking up parenting by intuition and listening to your soul.