Parenting Guilt: Positive and Negative Effects

A post titled, “How I Became A More Confident Mum” had a section that talked about the issue of parenting guilt. I just can’t help but share my thoughts on the matter.

Guilt is one problem that probably every parent has encountered–it is said to be an intrinsic and inevitable part of parenting. Being erring humans that we are, we are bound to commit mistakes and short comings along the way. You know, we feel guilty about working too hard and not having as much playtime as we want with our kids, or we feel guilty about the way we reprimanded our kids or not being able to give in to their requests.

Feeling parenting guilty can have its negative effects, it can make us hold ourselves and our kids to unrealistic standards, it can give our children the impression that they can control and manipulate our decisions and can potentially break down communication, trust, and love within the family. However when managed appropriately, parenting guilt can also amount to something good–it can prompt us to reflect upon our actions and teach us lessons, help us feel empathy, connect to our children and drive us to make positive changes in our parenting.