Parenting In This Technology Driven Society

There is no doubt in my mind that parenting has always been and will always be the most challenging of all human endeavors. However for modern day parents like you and me, the role of raising and caring for a child is made even  more difficult by the fast development of technology.

A lot of children today are addicted to the internet, TV, or other gadgets like cell phones, gaming consoles, computers, etc. Aside from the fact that addiction to these things causes mental, behavioral, and social problems; the uncontrolled use of thesetechnological innovations pulls children away from their parents and causes families to break apart. Furthermore, the integration of technology has left us with the problems of cyberbullying, stalking, sexting, harassment, embarrassment, online privacy issues, and exposure to a plethora of inappropriate web materials just to name a few.

Some parents hesitate in restricting their children with the use of technology as they do not want their kids to think that they are overbearing, paranoid, and overprotective. However,  I believe that letting my children loose in the perilous world of technology would do far greater harm than having them think of me as overbearing, paranoid and overprotective.

I love my kids and I take it as my duty to protect them, and a large part of this is closely monitoring their use of technology to prevent misuse and overindulgence.

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