Parenting Inspiration From Biblical Characters

I read a post this morning called Parenting Tips from Job. It contained a checklist of how Job (from the Bible) took on parenting–what principles he lived by as a parent. Some of my favorites in the list included: praying for his children, showing his children the nature of God through his character, and teaching them to recognize what sin was.

Realizing just how many parenting lessons I can get from the life of Job, I got interested in finding other Biblical characters who may also have some parenting tips to offer. And I found quite a few:

  • Adam and Eve
  • Jochebed (Moses’ mother)
  • Abraham and Sarah
  • Jacob and Rachel
  • Samson’s parents
  • Mary and Joseph
  • The prodigal son’s father

Do you know characters in the Bible whose lives impart valuable parenting lessons? Please share them with us in the comments!