Parenting is a Trial and Error Process (With Discretion of Course!)

Parenting is one of the most complex things many people will do during their life. You can successfully raise children in so many different ways, and what is success in parenting anyway? It all begins with the idea and plan you have for raising your child. Each child you have will need a separate plan, and things that you learn from raising one child may not apply to your next. It makes it sounds harsh but I believe that “trial and error” is really how parenting is done. The use of discretion in the “trial” part is of course crucial. You have to try different parenting approaches to see what will work for you though, and that is the truth.

A post on Dear Beautiful titled, “It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn” perfectly highlights this. A mother posted about how her newborn daughter had been crying a lot. She began to doubt her parenting abilities and wondered what she was doing wrong. However, trying out swaddling her daughter made a huge improvement. Her first child, her son, did not like swaddling, but her daughter is loving it. I thought this post was a perfect example of what I was talking about with “trial and error” as a parent.