Parenting Lessons From Finding Nemo

This morning, I stumbled onto a fun and enriching post. It was titled “Everything I Know About Being A Parent, I Learned From A Small Fish.” In the post, the writer/mother shared a few of the wonderful parenting lessons she got from the film–Finding Nemo. Being a huge fan of the movie myself, I decided to share my own insights about it.

One of the things from the film that really made an impression on me was how Marlin’s (Nemo’s dad) over-protectiveness of Nemo was so wrong yet so right. During the beginning of the film, I couldn’t make up my mind whether I should hate this over-protective father or vouch for him. After a while, I realized the reason for my ambivalence–I am somehow a “Marlin” too. I think all parents are.

I don’t think there is any loving parent who can just send their child off to their first day in pre-school without any fear of something going wrong. We love our children, and we want them to be safe. However, as challenging as it may be we all need to give our children autonomy and independence–not only because they want it, but because they need it. So if you thought that Finding Nemo was made for kids, you might be right, but there are also some parenting lessons that can be taken away from the movie.