Parenting: The Things That Really Matter

I went over to Finding Joy (a favorite site of mine) today and got to read a wonderful post titled, “Motherhood In An Overloaded World.” It reminded me that the things that really matter in parenting never really change–what matters then, is still what ultimately matters now and will most likely still be what will matter in the future.

Parenting can be quite overwhelming. We are constantly bombarded with tons of information that has something to do with raising our kids. While some of this information can be helpful at times often, they make our lives more difficult and complicated. A lot of times our knowledge makes us worry about the littlest things, fuss over the littlest details and stress over the smallest choices. Like for instance Rachel said from the post I mentioned above, the seemingly basic task of buying a pacifier can be quite a tedious thing to do nowadays. We cannot just pick any pacifier–we have to pick the best. And to end up with the best, we have to recall all the things we have heard, read or know about each type of pacifier available. Doing this can be quite stressful. Don’t you think?

Parents nowadays may not notice it, but we put ourselves through a lot of stress by worrying over the smallest things–things which really do not matter when we look at the bigger picture. Allowing ourselves to feel frazzled over little things can take a toll on us, and on our children eventually. In order for us to fully enjoy the gift of parenting, it is important that we do not dwell so much on the little details and focus on the things that really matter–family values, faith, education, health and love.