Parenting Tip: Adjust Your Parenting Approach For Each Child

Parents have to formulate some sort of expectations when they are raising a child. The must grow as parents, as their child becomes older. What they thought were realistic expectations a year ago might have drastically changed today. It is critical to know your child and understand them as a person. This will help you to have a more balanced relationship with them. In my opinion, the worst thing a parent can do is to apply all the same expectations and rules to all of their children.

I read a post titled, “The Parenting Chronicles: The House Rules”, and it talks about adjusting your rules for each child. While some would argue being consistent with all of your children is fair, the author of this post tends to disagree. I completely see where the author Brenda is coming from with her thoughts. I suggest you check them out.


  1. Janet, I just responded to another commenter on my blog regarding this very topic! We were talking about how what works for one kid may not work for another, or what works for one day for the same kid may not work the next. I like what you say about really understanding kids as people and respecting them as such as a great way to build a balanced relationship. After all, we wouldn’t have formulas on how to deal with our partners, coworkers, etc., so we shouldn’t do the same with our kids.

  2. Janet and Nina are totally on the ball here. You cannot paint kids with the same brush, they are all unique! And even how you treated them a year ago vs. today will change and grow, as they grow.

    You adapting and changing, is a sign of OUR own growth, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Nina – Love your point about how we wouldn’t have formulas on how to deal with our partners, coworkers, etc. I think many parents forget that their kids are people too, and people enjoy being treated with respect.

    Thomas – I agree that adapting and changing is a sign of our growth. It is also a sign of our kids’ growth. It is important that we grow together and understand each other.