Parenting Tip: Be Loving in Your Disciplinary Actions

Disciplining our children is very important. Although all of us have our own approaches to discipline, we all are in agreement that it is something that our children need. While there is certainly no shortage of discipline advice out there, a lot of parents often forget about the basic premise of positive discipline– to discipline with love.

It is often difficult for parents to give our children the discipline they need and still make them feel that they are loved. It is clear to most parents that discipline is an act of curtailing wrong behavior; however, a lot of parents forget that the act of correcting a child must be done in a loving way. Most of the time, love is overcome by other emotions such as anger, annoyance, frustration or impatience.

Discipline should not be hurtful, embarrassing, and injurious to a child’s sense of worth. Instead, it should be enlightening,  educational, and refining.

This post, Loving Correction where a mother realizes the impact of love when combined with discipline, inspired me to write this entry today.


  1. Thank you so much for your comments and we are so glad that our post could inspire this post. We love it when parents think about things they can do to improve their job and relationship with their children. It’s not an easy task and great to know that we have so many others, who we may not even know, lifting us up in prayer, through their words, and through their own experiences.