Parenting Tip: Growing as a Parent is Important Too

As your children grow you need to be able to grow with them as a parent. Children go through stages that are a part of growing up, and these different stages mean that different parenting approaches should be used. You cannot treat a 12 year old like a 4 year old, and you cannot treat a 4 year old like a 12 year old. Sometimes it can be easy to forget this as a parent because in your eyes they will always be your baby. Growing and learning to use more mature parenting approaches as your child ages is a crucial parenting skill.

Catholic Mom recently posted about “Self Limiting Beliefs”. This post talks about your child’s “inner and outer game”, which refers to things such as their response to structure or discipline. It also refers to things such as their own self-perception and self-esteem. These are important things to consider when deciding how to handle tough situations as your child becomes more of a young adult.