Parenting Tip: How to Get Your Kids Excited to Do Chores

Nobody likes to do chores. This is a given, and as parents we know how hard it is to convince a child they need to do chores. Thinking of a fun way to get your child excited to do daily tasks is a good idea. Some sort of rewards system could be a great idea. Nothing huge, maybe working out a system where if their chores are done for the day they can play a video game for a half hour or hour. Everybody likes having an incentive to do work.

I read an idea on Mocha Momma about motivating children to do chores, and I thought her idea was just fantastic! She makes little personalized to do clips at her house and hangs them in the kitchen. When a task is completed you move the clip from the “To-Do” side to the “Done” side. It makes doing a task a little more fun, and teaches accountability to your kids.

How do you get your children excited to do chores?