Parenting Tip: Sometimes Words Are Not Necessary

Has it ever occurred to you that you may be talking to your kids too much? Today, a post entitled “Identifying Problems, Part II” prompted me to take a look at how much I talk to my children. It turned out to be quite the parenting tip. I realized that I may actually be spending an enormous amount of unnecessary energy and time talking (yammering even)¬†to my children.

We want our children to do the right things, that is why we feel that we need to constantly instruct them on what they should and should not do. ¬†However, giving commands to our children nonstop can actually do more harm than good. When we talk too much, we leave very little room for listening. And often, kids need us to listen more than to speak. In addition, this also sets a bad example to our kids–when we don’t listen to them, they will end up doing the same thing to us. And that could create big problems in the future. I suggest checking out the post and picking up on this parenting tip.