Parenting Tip: Winning the Heart of Your Child

I have always known what I wanted to be as a parent. I want to be my children’s best friend, like many other parents also strive for. So reading this wonderful post from the Laundry Moms entitled “The Parenting Secret” really struck a chord in me. We have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill as parents–we need to provide for them, discipline them, support their endeavors and many others. And while these are all important parenting duties, I could not help with agree with the writer of the article above that one of the most important task we need to do as parents is to make sure that we have won the hearts of our children.

And what does “winning your children’s heart means? Well, for me, I would say that this means having children who genuinely feel that we (their parents) are the best person they can share their thoughts, ideas, and dreams with. Certainly the actions and attitudes necessary to win a child’s heart will differ from one child to another, but I believe that what lies at its very foundation is the parents’ decision to invest whatever is necessary to build this close, God-honoring relationship with the child.

So tell me, what parenting methods do you use to win the hearts of your children? Let me know in the comments!