Parenting Trends That We Should Leave in 2012

Popular trends come and go all the time. Some of them stick around and others do not, that’s the beauty of it. There are certainly new trends in parenting every year. Some parenting trends are better than others though and Kathy Buckworth touched on some of them in her recent article “Annoying Parenting Trends That Must Be Stopped”. In the article Kathy lists five trends in parenting that she has had enough of.

The one that I 100% agree with was participation trophies. I’m sorry if I sound like a jerk, but kids do not need a trophy for just showing up. Participation trophies teach children that they don’t have to work hard to attain success. Furthermore, losing is a part of life that kids need to learn about. Kathy fully supports this in her article and I totally agree. I get the point of letting everybody feel good, but I think the participation trophies have to stop. Another point about having snacks at every single event was made. I also agree that it is completely unnecessary, especially with the obesity numbers in America. Snacks are sometimes appropriate, but not all the time.