Parenting’s Never Ending Surprises: Murphy’s Law

Raising a child is full of surprises that we can never be fully prepared for as parents. No matter how much we try to plan and figure things out in advance, our children will always come up with ways to change things up. I was reminded of this amusing reality while I was reading a blog post, “Murphy’s Laws of Parenting” this morning.

If you don’t know yet Murphy’s Law is an idea that basically states that: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Doesn’t this law just fit perfectly with parenting? I mean how many of you have actually experienced your child pooping right after you changed their diaper or buying your children’s favorite snack in bulk to find suddenly no one likes it anymore? How about being all ready for a long-planned vacation then your child suddenly catches a cold or the flu?

I guess parenting will always have these surprises. Although they can be quite frustrating at times, I would say that they make parenting more interesting too! How about you? What are your Murphy’s Law experiences in parenting?