Parents are People Too: Keep You Personality

A line from a post titled, “Parents are also People,” made a strong impression on me. It said: “Parents are people.  The act of parenthood does not suddenly bestow upon you a saintly grace and the ability to park all your own hopes, dreams and needs so that you can put your children first in all things.”

Fulfilling our responsibilities as parents takes up a huge chunk of our lives. While many of us are willing to give up a lot of things for the sake of our children’s happiness and well-being, there are certain things that we just cannot give up–and must not give up! When we become parents, we must see to it that we do not make ourselves nothing else but a parent. Parents are people too and we need our own personalities.

There is no problem with immersing yourself in parenthood, however you should not lose your identity while fulfilling this role. You do not need to entirely lose yourself as a person in order to become a great Mom. In fact, keeping your dreams, hopes, likes, dislikes, wants, and needs in clear view will make you a happier more effective parent. Think of the one thing you love to do that isn’t parenting related. Jogging, writing, tennis, swimming, or being a sports fan, whatever it is keep doing that. Parents are people too, and you need an identity. Don’t become the artist formerly known as (your name). Keep being you, and be a super parent too!


  1. I believe I can parent my children much better if I am fulfilled and also look after my own needs. I try to encourage this in other women too, who tell me they feel guilty when they spend time away from their kids doing something for themselves.

    • Agreed, I feel refreshed after taking a little bit of “me time” to do something I love. There shouldn’t be any guilt involved in that. We’re people too!