Parents Can Never Be Really Sure

I read a post entitled The Great Hidden Cross of Motherhood; and it┬áreminded me of how unsure parents can be in raising their kids–how unsure I can be in raising my own children. I mean, I am certain we all feel that we are good parents, but don’t we all sometimes feel like we’re not doing the best job with our kids?

Some days, I find myself questioning my parenting styles and principles–whether they are really the best way for my children.┬áI second-guess myself, question the efforts I make on behalf of my children, and wonder if there are things I should be doing more, or better. I am well-aware that the desire to give nothing less than the best to my children drives me to scrutinize and doubt myself. While I struggled with these feelings of inadequacy for sometime, I realized that it is just impossible do everything that I know is “best.”

As there is no step-by-step manual for parenting, I don’t think I can ever be sure of my parenting. But I won’t let these little doubts ruin the joy that is parenting.