Parents Often Act Like Children

Parents, like children, can snap. I am well aware of that. I have never thought that parents could throw real tantrums though (like children), until I read “A Tantrum and Two Fools.” I was really amused and enlightened reading this particular blog entry. It made me realize a lot of things about the behavior of parents–about my very own behavior as a parent. Parents often act like children, and in turn children act like their parents.

There are a lot of things we tell our children not to do. We tell them to ask nicely and not act out when they need something. We tell them not to scream and not to hurt others. But are we actually doing our part in helping our children do these things? More than the lessons we teach them verbally, I believe that the most effective way we can teach our children certain things is through modeling.

We can talk to our children everyday about how they should behave, but if they do not see us doing the things that we are teaching them, they are very likely to still fall into unhealthy behaviors. Actions, as they say are more powerful than words. So when parents often act like children, should we be surprised that children throw tantrums?

So the next time your child throws a tantrum, take a second to think about your response. Would your response be something that you want your child to emulate? Or is it a behavior you would not want to see in your child?