Parents Should Know Their Children

I read an article today titled, Overweight child letters toned down so parents do not feel ‘criticised’ and I felt compelled to share it with all of you parents out there. While I agree with the decision of health officials to phrase letters discussing children’s weight in a “non-judgemental and positively phrased” manner, it saddens me that school and health officials still have to remind and advise parents regarding the weight of their children. Parents should know their children and the problems that exist in their lives.

Do we parents really need to be reminded of our children’s health? Aren’t we supposed to be the first one to know that something’s not quite right with our kids? Yes, many of us may not be sure of what we can do to help our children with their weight problems but surely, we must not need to be made aware by others that there is a problem.

If you’re worried that your child may be overweight, make an appointment with your doctor, who can assess eating and activity habits and make suggestions on how to make positive changes. Parents should know their children enough to recognize that some changes need to be made.